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제목Swagger 3.0 Release!!2020-07-28 12:09
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Release Notes

First and foremost a big thank you to the community for keeping me motivated to work on this project. There have been some really amazing contributions in this release in terms of code, comments, bug reports and it is humbling to see people jumping in to solve problems on the issue forum. It sure motivated me to get over the "hump" and start working on in earnest. What better way to lose the COVID blues!

Thank you! 

Also please welcome the newest maintainer to the springfox team @MaksimOrlov. A lot of the great work you see in the model generation support is due to his efforts, collaborating tirelessly on weekends and not giving up while ensuring the model generation engine is performant 

NOTE: This is a breaking change release, I've tried to maintain backwards compatibility with earlier versions of springfox as much as possible. Deprecated APIs prior to 2.9 have been aggressively removed and new APIs that will go away in the near future have been marked. So please look out for those and do report anything that has been missed.

Highlights of this release include

  • Spring 5, Webflux support (only request mapping support, functional endpoints aren't supported yet)
  • Spring Integration support (feedback is much appreciated)
  • Spring Boot support springfox-boot-starter dependency (Zero Config, Autoconfiguration support)
  • Documented Configuration Properties with autocomplete
  • Better specification compatibility with 2.0
  • Support for OpenApi 3.0.3
  • Zero Dependency (almost, the only libraries needed are spring-plugin, pswagger-core](
  • Existing swagger2 annotations will continue to work and enrich open api 3.0 specification

Compatibility Notes

  • Requires Java 8
  • Requires Spring 5.x (not tested with earlier versions
  • Requires SpringBoot 2.2+ (not tested with earlier versions)
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